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Search or conditions are not displayed correctly

⚠️ As of Blocksy Companion 1.7.64 REST API is no longer used to search posts in the conditions UI. Since then, the above no longer holds.

As of now, Blocksy has two features that are dependent on the REST API being enabled.

  1. Live results for the search overlay and search widgets
  2. Display the list of pages, posts & taxonomies in conditions

Sometimes though, there are some security tools that are disabling the REST API from your WordPress instance, rendering the above features broken. You have two options here: (1) to make the tool to allow REST API (2) to temporarily enable REST API back, use the feature and then re-disable it again.

Next we’ll look into how to achieve the white listing of the REST API for various security tools out there. But before that wanted to stress out that having this feature enabled is completely secure and will do no harm to you — otherwise the WordPress Core would not be having it enabled by default on every site. But, if you need to feel extra secure you can disable it, you just won’t be able to use the above mentioned features.

Now, onto the list of tools:

iThemes Security

  1. Go to Security -> Settings
  2. Find WordPress Tweaks card and click on the Configure Settings button
  3. Change the REST API setting from Restricted Access to Default Access
  4. Click Save Settings
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