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Video Gallery for Products

Due to popular demand, video galleries for WooCommerce products are here! With this feature, you are able to link any kind of web video from WordPress’ supported platforms and even attach your own MP4 files hosted right on your server.

Video Gallery for Products in Action

Product Archives

We’ve also built in support for the videos to show up on Product Archives. Simply navigate to the Customiser -> Product Archives -> Card Options and turn on Video Thumbnail.

Video Thumbnails inside Product Archives

Video Gallery Options

Of course, you might be wondering how to add a video to your product listing. It couldn’t be simpler.

What you’ll need on hand:

  • Image Thumbnail Placeholder – this is required because the video does not automatically load and play
  • Video Link – this is required in case the video is hosted on one of the WordPress’ supported platforms
  • MP4 Video File – this is required in case you want to self-host your videos on your own server


Since MP4 is just a video container, you will need to make sure you encode your video properly for all the browsers supported. Our recommendation is H.264 video with AAC audio. These two codecs are widely supported on all major operating systems.

Embedding Web Videos

Linking a video is as easy as pasting a URL right into the media gallery of your WordPress Dashboard. First, you will need to upload your thumbnail placeholders to the product gallery. After uploading the placeholders, a new field will appear on the media gallery view. Simply paste your video URL there and you should be good to go.

Embedding Web Video into the Product Gallery

Embedding Locally Hosted MP4 Videos

Embedding a locally hosted MP4 file is pretty much the same as embedding the web video. The only difference is that you will have to choose the Attach MP4 button instead of pasting the web link.

Embedding MP4 Video into the Product Gallery

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