We're A Mission Driven Team

We've set out to build the most innovative, lightning-fast and feature-rich theme in the WordPress ecosystem, and that's exactly what we're doing!

What do we mean by that? The mission is two-fold. First, we listen to users and give them features that they've been missing from other themes. Second, we work day in, day out to make those features as fast and optimized as possible.

Our Values

  • People First People First

    There's nothing more important to us than our users and the people we work with. We believe that we're all on the same team.

  • Passion Passion

    We care about what we do. This is what fuels us every day and what keeps us excited beyond work hours.

  • Quality Quality

    Each new feature takes hours of work. This effort ensures that everything we deliver is as polished as can be.

  • Performance Performance

    If it doesn't work fast enough, it's not good enough. Performance is just as important as function, and especially when working on new features.

  • Perspective Growth

    Our theme can grow with you and your business. As your needs change, Blocksy adapts and shows you new things, optimizations, and features.

  • Have Fun Have fun

    If you want your business to succeed, your team has to be enthusiastic about coming to the office. To have fun is something we have as a daily to-do.

Who We Are

We are Sergiu and Andrei, two workaholic friends passionate about modern technologies, pixel perfect designs, and WordPress.

  • Sergiu
    Sergiu Radu

    Designer & front-end developer / Twitter

    I'm passionate about the universe and ancient civilizations, I like fishing and playing x-box in my spare time.

  • Andrei
    Andrei Glingeanu

    Software engineer & developer / Twitter

    I love to spend time outside in the fresh air or, playing a very tense match of soccer in FIFA with my friends.

Our Story

We met back in 2010 at a local IT event and started to discuss about web technologies, ideas and how we see the future of websites and apps. We were very impressed about the thing that we both share the same opinions on the way things should look and function. Even back then we felt that we have the skills that complement each other, empowering us to create something bigger together.

After a while we worked on a brief custom project and finished it with success. But seeing that we have a thinking connection and that our workflow is very well synchronized was even more important than the success of that first project.

Having the established process in place, we decided to go further as a team and we took our journey to the next level. We started to build custom WordPress projects for different clients and even worked with a few big companies like Designmodo.

Why Did We Build Blocksy?

As we were building custom WordPress sites for our clients, we tried to use different themes as a base. Some of them were good but too slow, some were fast but without the right options. Unfortunately, the lack of features forced us to modify the theme code or to use complex solutions every time. And the final result was turning into a big machine that was hard to maintain.

As time went by, we started to see what a theme should look like and what things it should include right out of the box. So, from thousands of ideas we already had, a new one was born - to create a theme to suit all our needs and that will help us speed up the creation process, be lightweight with no dependencies, and will have plenty of customization features. We also wanted this theme to stay fast and perform well, even on less powerful servers.

Since we had a lot of projects of all different sizes, we wanted this theme to be modular -- this in our vision means that only necessary code and features get loaded and executed. And because we have dealt with a wide spectrum of requirements, we know we have to make this theme integrate with other tools from the WordPress ecosystem, so that we can get our work done efficiently.

Outstanding Stories

5/5 Star ratings based on 560+ reviews

  • É pra quem procura um tema bem feito e que utiliza tecnologias de última geração! o seu site vai ficar realmente rápido. Vale a pena testar.
    Kadu Marcassi
  • What I liked most is its simple, minimalist & effective approach to design. I recommend it for web designers who use page builders like Elementor or Brizy.
    Mark Vanderbeeken
  • Such a great theme with fantastic features. The support is very good as well. You would go a long way to find a better free theme.
    Les Dow
  • I was suggested this theme by members of a WooCommerce forum, and haven’t regretted it one bit. The theme is classy, the options to tweak and customize are many, and the customer service is prompt. I would definitely recommend this theme.
    Leonard Fernandes
  • I am in love with this theme! After years of searching for a nice-looking theme that is easy to set up, I’ve finally found it. It’s clean-looking and gives absolute flexibility. Can’t believe it’s free. Really appreciate your work!
    Daria Storozhilova
  • I mean truly amazing, there are some many things you get in the free version ! I wonder what they will come up with in the pro ! I can’t wait for it ! Keep up the good work guys, you rock 🤘
    Yves Douillot
  • What an amazing theme Blocksy is! It is super packed with all the goodies you’ll ever need in a fantastic theme. You can customize any and everything. Blocksy is full of awesomeness. The Team and support are incredibly fast, they answer all questions in just a twinkling of an eye. They have taken the game to a new level.
    Albert Kents
  • Have tried dozens of themes over +10 years and by far Blocksy is the most robust, beautiful, easy, fast well thought/designed theme I’ve ever used. I converted my main money site with 40-50k visitors a month and instantly Google Page Insights scores and my SEO rankings improved, as well as time on site, pageviews, conversions, etc.
    Rodney Cullen
  • Goodbye frustration. This theme is a triumph of intelligent, stylish design that makes building a WordPress site a pleasure. The customisation options and attention to detail are amazing, the support outstanding and the results look great across all devices. On top of that, it’s super fast and free. Five stars plus.
    Dan Mason
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