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Blocksy PRO

Receive access to all the great features for designing the most advanced WordPress site. Whatever you might need and then some more is available here in an accessible and intuitive package.

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Features Overview

  • Care and Support
  • Enhanced Header Builder
  • Header Pro Elements
  • Advanced Menu
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Advanced Hooks System
  • White Label
  • Custom Fonts
  • Adobe Typekit Fonts
  • Local Google Fonts
Header 3
Header 2
Header 1

Enhanced Header Builder

Create unlimited number of advanced headers and display them on individual pages of your site based on conditions.

  • Multiple Headers

  • Duplicate Elements

Header Pro Elements

Explore the new header items that open unlimited possibilities for your headers. All carefully crafted to match Blocksy's original design language.

  • Contacts element
  • Divider
  • Language switcher
  • Widgets
  • Desktop menu drawer
  • Search box

Content Blocks (Hooks)

Create content with your favorite design tools and display it anywhere on your site, guided by intuitive visual clues.

  • Display in any location

    Use any existing action from WordPress or any 3rd party tool to display the content block.

  • Page or post conditions

    Insert the content block on any location or group of locations from your site with the help of display conditions.

  • User role conditions

    Display content tailored to current user's role or hide it at all if the user is not logged in.

  • Set expiration time

    Show the content block in its place for a limited amount of time by leveraging the expire control.

  • Set block position

    Implement beautiful fixed blocks by setting its position. Can be pinned on the top or the bottom of the viewport.

  • Create custom 404 page

    Replace the default and boring 404 page with a custom content block and design it with your favorite design tool.

  • Create custom header

    Even though Blocksy's header builder is awesome, sometimes you need complete control. And you have it.

  • Create custom footer

    Replace the default footer with a content block built with any page builder or even with Gutenberg blocks.

Ready to dive in?

Blocksy is fully integrated with WooCommerce and has a lot of customization options that will help you to create your dream store in minutes.

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  • Custom Fonts

    Upload any amount of custom fonts and use them within every typography option from Blocksy. Advanced features like variations customisations and variables fonts included.

    • Upload any amount of WOFF fonts
    • Customize variations for every font
    • Use variable fonts for flexible weights
  • Google Local Fonts

    Stay compliant with GDPR rules by offloading Google Fonts from your own server. Pick which fonts you need and Blocksy will do everything else.

    • Use only Google fonts you need
    • Stay compliant with GDPR rules
    • Don't depend on Google servers
  • Adobe Typekit

    Integrate your Adobe Fonts kit within Blocksy with minimal efforts. Just paste you kit ID and the fonts that are in it will be readily available for you.

    • Load Adobe Typekit kits
    • Ease of access in customizer
    • Integrated with page builders
All fonts extensions are integrated with your favorite tools
Header Snippets
Body Snippets
Footer Snippets
White Label
Page Snippets

White label

  • Replace original branding

    Emphasize your company's brand on the sites that you've built for an even better trust and engagement. Customize everything from texts, to plugin/theme authors and screenshots.

  • Hide original branding panels

    Once the established branding is in place, hide the options that is being used for editing them with one simple button click.

Custom Code Snippets

  • Add globaly header & footer scripts

    Apply a piece of CSS or JavaScript to load on every page of your site. Useful for loading various libraries or analytics code snippets.

  • Add header & footer scripts (page/post level)

    When applying the code snippet globally feels like too much, load it only where you need it by leveraing the contextual options within page/post metaboxes.

WooCommerce Extra

Superchange your WooCommerce store with the amazing features for maximizing your conversion rates.

  • Quick view

    Load a beautiful popup for your products right from the shop page. Galleries, prices and AJAX add to cart included.

  • Floating cart

    Display a sticky add to cart button on your product single page. It will stay visible as the user explores the product.

  • Off-Canvas filters

    Display the filters on your shop page in an offcanvas for ease of access on mobile devices.

  • Off-Canvas cart

    Display your cart in a stylish and customizable offcanvas for even more details on small devices.

  • New single product layouts

    More advanced single product layouts on top of already available ones. More beautiful layouts yet to come.

  • Gallery slider

    Wrap amounts of thumbnails in your product galleries in a slider. Useful for saving space on product pages.

  • Products Wishlist

    Let your visitors to add their favourite products to a wish list, in case they would like to purchase them later.

  • Search by SKU

    Lets your visitors to search through your entire products base by SKU (stock-keeping unit).

Ready to dive in?

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Our users are in love with Blocksy and here's what they are saying:

  • ★★★★★

    I am in love with this theme! After years of searching for a nice-looking theme that is easy to set up, I’ve finally found it.

    It’s clean-looking and gives absolute flexibility. Can’t believe it’s free. Really appreciate your work!

    (Read entire review)
    Daria Storozhilova
  • ★★★★★

    I was suggested this theme by members of a WooCommerce forum, and haven’t regretted it one bit. The theme is classy, the options to tweak and customize are many, and the customer service is prompt

    I would definitely recommend this theme.

    (Read entire review)
    Leonard Fernandes
  • ★★★★★

    After spending literally dozens of hours looking for a suitable theme for my website I stumbled upon this gem. The customization options are insane. It translates great with translation plugins.

    The support is phenomenal and that’s the main reason why I’m leaving a review. Not everyone has the same needs but this theme is definitely worth checking out.

    (Read entire review)
    Taller Lumiere
  • ★★★★★

    I mean truly amazing, there are some many things you get in the free version ! I wonder what they will come up with in the pro!

    I can’t wait for it ! Keep up the good work guys, you rock 🤘

    (Read entire review)
    Yves Douillot
  • ★★★★★

    Blocksy is a great theme. What I liked most is its simple, minimalist & effective approach to design. I recommend it for web designers who use page builders like Elementor or Brizy, and need a clean website with WooCommerce functionality.

    (Read entire review)
  • ★★★★★

    Easy to use, lots of customization options, and it performs well. Highly recommend!

    The team were also extremely helpful when I ran into a few issues that needed some custom code to fix.

    (Read entire review)
    Georges Petrequin
  • ★★★★★

    It’s not often find so many features in a free theme. Responsive setting, many options, excellent typography, good mobile version, and most importantly modern design. Recommend!

    (Read entire review)
    Артем Лоскутников
  • ★★★★★

    The theme is great and there are many customization settings available. The developer is also extremely helpful! Would definitely recommend to use this theme!

    (Read entire review)
    Jason Wong
  • ★★★★★

    I highly recommend this theme, it provides a great many customization options and the support by the developer is phenomenal: fast, detailed, professional and to the point.

    (Read entire review)
    Mark Vanderbeeken
  • ★★★★★

    The attention to details makes blocksy a joy to use.
    The flexibility and the options are endless and without bloat the code.
    Hands down my favorite theme!

    (Read entire review)
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