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How to Export and Import WooCommerce Customers

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the planet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the built-in capacity to export or import customers. Why is this important? There are three main reasons why you might need to export your WooCommerce customers:…

WordPress Block Widgets Explained: How to Use Them and Why

The WordPress block widgets are the newest of the original WordPress features that everybody’s been talking about. By everybody, I mostly mean WordPress pros and theme developers. However! This doesn’t mean that casual users and site owners shouldn’t familiarize themselves…

Blocksy & Crocoblock: Building Dynamic Websites

Following the latest Toolset and Blocksy integration, we couldn’t help but announce another one. This time, Blocksy partnered with Crocoblock, allowing website developers to build dynamic websites more fluently. Blocksy is now able to detect the Crocoblock-added custom post types…

WordPress 5.8 – The Query Loop Block

The latest version of WordPress went live on 20th July. This major release comes with a host of new features and improvements, most notably the first steps towards a Full Site Editor (FSE), and new page editor blocks: ​​Query Loop…

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