Smart Home Pro

A smart starter site ready to help you create your next website for presenting a smart solution for everyone.

It highlights a beautiful, dark toned design, complemented by a color switch that turns on the lights in the room, or shall we say on the page, with a simple click. The “Advanced Menu” extension also comes into play here, creating a beautiful menu drop down showcasing a highly functional menu, letting your visitors quickly jumping to an interesting topic to explore.

Works with: Gutenberg
Category: Business, Personal
Bundled plugins: Fluent Forms, Greenshift
  • Pixel Perfect Design

    Pixel perfect accuracy with latest web trends at your fingertips without any coding needed.

  • Responsive & Retina Ready

    Unique layouts with the ability to control settings per each device and viewport.

  • Flexible & Customizable

    Mix and match anything, anywhere. Every element can be modified with ease.

  • Perfect Foundation

    Consistent workflow across the board helps you deliver the most ambitious ideas.

  • Easy Setup

    Easily install a starter site with just a few clicks via our simple demo importer module.

  • Optimized for Speed

    Optimised for speed to create a pleasant experience that really loads and feels fast.

Useful Information:

Installing a starter site template is very easy. Just follow the steps below and you are good to go.

In case you are encountering issues when installing a starter site, please submit a support ticket and we will assist you.

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