Support Terms & Conditions

We’d like to thank you for being an avid user of our beloved web products. We understand that sometimes things might not go your way and you’re looking for additional assistance.

Fret not as we are here to help in the best way and as efficiently as possible.

However, we’d like to note a few things down of what you can expect when contacting our support team.

We believe that respect should be present on both sides and we take a collaborative approach when dealing with issues reported by you.

Working Hours and Response Times

Our company operates during daylight European hours, Monday through Friday, all year round.
In case of unforeseen incidents, we may be able to provide limited support over weekends.

The team operates on a hierarchical structure, with support agents being your first contact with the company.
Higher level employees can intervene directly, on a case by case basis.

The average response time for a standard ticket sent through our website is 24 hours.

Although, this can depend on a number of factors:

  • National holidays
  • Company events
  • Time off for employees
  • Other indirect incidents we might not be able to control.

We can assure you that every single ticket is sifted through and replied in a timely manner. But please be mindful of things such as different time zones.

What is Covered by the Support Policy

Our support staff is dedicated to help out with specific issues, general questions about one of our products, installation guidance and usage or billing information, if you have purchased one of our paid products.

We recommend browsing through our documentation tree or video tutorials section before submitting a ticket. If it’s a general question, it has most likely been answered on our website already.

The first thing that comes on top when prioritizing tickets are bug reports. We take these very seriously and aim to have a positive resolution in a matter of just a few days – usually less than 2. 

Simply put, our support covers:

  • Assisting in using our products.
  • Answering general technical questions about our products.
  • Helping you find out more about the features using our documentation or video tutorials.
  • Solving reported bugs for our products.

What is Not Covered by the Support Policy

Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide assistance for a couple of subjects, such as any services or products that aren’t our propriety, plugins or setting up an external service.

We are more than happy to answer general questions related to WordPress and plugin or service compatibility, but we will not be able to provide direct support for such software.

We also cannot provide support for anything related to custom work, custom code implementation or debugging your custom CSS, JavaScript or PHP code.

Also we can not provide support for issues caused by the limitations of your server in case the server doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

To recap, we cannot cover:

  • Custom code implementation or debugging.
  • Setting up, configuring and maintaining third party software, services or plugins.
  • Implementing Custom CSS, JavaScript and PHP code.
  • Configuring server environments.

In cases where our support policy doesn’t meet your needs or requirements:

  • Contact a knowledgeable developer from Codeable or UpWork.
  • Contact your server provider – for server related questions.
  • Contact the author of the plugin that gives you issues.
  • Ask for help/advices in our Facebook community.

How do we offer support?

We offer support strictly through our websites’ help section, currently located at –

We are note able to provide support through third party software such as video conferencing software, instant messaging applications and screen sharing programs.

Code of Conduct

We expect a base set of guidelines from both sides – clients and our support staff.

Please note that we are real humans. We do not use automated software to reply to e-mails and each reply has been written by one of our staff members. We also expect our users to not use automated software to reply to e-mails. A human connection goes a long way.

Be polite. While we understand that you may be frustrated with any issue you may have, we will not tolerate any offensive language, discrimination, insults, harassment or intimidation. If any of this behavior persists, we have the full right to terminate our working relationship with you.

Right of Refusal

We reserve the right to refuse providing any of our services or products to any individual or organizations at our discretion in case of abuse of our products and services.

If you are using any of our products, you automatically consent to this support policy. We reserve the right to modify our support policy without notice at any time. Do refer to this article from time to time for any possible changes.