Diving Deeper with the Account Header Element


Want to make your visitors part of a cool club? Check out the Account Header Element that Blocksy has to offer, it’s pretty powerful and it uses users 😀

The Account Element lets your visitors become users by creating an account and it lets your users return to their existing accounts. The password reset option is also there in case they need it.

Granular options for the element can be found in the Customiser, in the Header section. There is the option to customise the Logged in and Logged out states and determine what actions take place when clicking on the account button.

User registration can be enabled in the WordPress dashboard, under General Settings by checking the Anyone can register checkbox. You can set the roles assigned to new users in the same section.

One cool feature is that Blocksy can help simplify the registration process and lets users create their account on the spot, unlike the standard WordPress flow that involves sending a registration link to the provided email address.

Blocksy Pro goes even further by enabling login and registration via Nextend Social Login plugin, really useful for those who prefer to login using their social media accounts. We’ve also added integration for CAPTCHA plugins such as Wordfence, CAPTCHA 4WP and Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA.

With these useful enhancements, you’ll assure your users while increase overall security.