Exploring the Footer Builder


Nobody likes a faded footer so if you’re up for exploring the Footer Builder, this Blocksy video tutorial is a great step ahead.

The assortment of customisation options and useful features will certainly provide the chance to design a beautiful and useful footer for your website.

To get started, you’ll need to access the Footer section in your customiser. The list on the left contains all the elements you can populate your footer with, but if some of the ones in this video aren’t showing up on your side, it’s because they are part of the Blocksy Premium package and require an upgraded license.

The Footer builder works on a drag-and-drop functionality, which makes adding content easy and intuitive. Clicking on any element of the footer will open up its customisation settings where you can modify its individual properties.

You’ll notice that we included several Widget Areas that work really well with the Widget Block editor; you can use them to include creative and interesting widget blocks inside your footer. Clicking on a widget area will open up a minimalistic version of the Gutenberg editor and you can add or modify widgets straight from the Customiser.

There is also the option to change the structure and design of the footer rows themselves: number and configuration of the columns, colours, fonts and dividers.

Now, do you want to see a cool trick? If you enable the footer Reveal Effect, you’ll be treated to a nice, revealing show… is it getting hot in here?

As with many other Blocksy elements, the footer can also be used with the conditional display module and this lets you build and display different footers based on specific conditions.

Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to become a master footer builder in no time!