WooCommerce Customization Options


Blocksy brings plenty to the table and when it comes to WooCommerce additions, we’ve got you covered with layouts for Product Archives and Single Products and advanced options from the WooCommerce Extra Pro extensions. Let’s see what WooCommerce Customisation options Blocksy has in store for you!

The General WooCommerce options let you customise your shop’s essential elements, such as the Quantity Input, the Sale Badge, Star Rating and Messages.

Under the Account Page section you can enable the display of users’ avatars or their names, plus the Navigation Quick Links.

In the Checkout Page area there is the option to activate the Coupon Form or to set and Highlight Required Fields. You can also set the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions here.

Just below we have the Products Wishlist with its display locations and the option to show it to everyone or just logged users. And last but not least, there’s the option to enable the store notice and display important information to your customers.

Moving on to Product Archives you get access to options that allow you to carefully create an outstanding and eye-catching shop.

Page elements offers you control over shop sorting options together with Pagination, Sidebar and the Blocksy Premium element Off-Canvas Filter which lets you hide your filters behind a panel that can be triggered just like the mobile menu.

The Cards Options contains the image settings and the necessary sale elements like Start Rating, Sales Badge, Add to Cart and Quick View buttons. Aligning the content and spacing options are also present.

The Single Product section lets Blocksy Premium users choose from four types of Product Gallery layouts. Depending on which type is selected, the Gallery Options will display the relevant settings.

Under Product Elements you can set and adjust the various options available and the Page Elements section you have the Product Information Tabs, the Related and Upsells number of items and device visibility options. Blocksy Pro users also get access to the Floating Cart element, a must-have if increase of sales is pursued. Also included with the premium subscription is a secondary type of Cart Drawer that uses the tried and tested appearance of the off-canvas menu. Design consistency all the way is a solid decision.

The multitude of options that Blocksy has to offer can certainly help in designing a strong storefront that is frequented by many happy and safe customers.