WaaS or Reseller Package

We’ve heard you loud and clear! You want to become a Blocksy reseller and that’s why we’re offering a brand new type of license, created specifically for companies that want to offer Blocksy as part of their WaaS services.

I know, you might ask yourself —

Uhh… but what’s the difference between an Agency license and a WaaS license?

A New Blocksy User

That is a great question and we’re here to answer it as clear as we can.

  • The Agency license – has been created specifically for small and medium businesses alike. With the Agency license you can use Blocksy Pro on an unlimited number of websites, created from scratch by your business. This means that a client can request a website, that’s built by your company, and you can use a Blocksy Pro license to unlock new features just fine on your client’s website. This is what the license was created for, the perfect use case.
  • The WaaS license – is extremely important if your business runs on automation software. This means that you as a business do not interact directly with the client’s website, and use automated tools to deploy a Blocksy Pro license, along with other included services, for your customers.


Because this type of license requires special support from us, its pricing model is a little bit different. Currently, the Blocksy Pro WaaS license is available for $699/year.

In this package you get all the known amazing Blocksy Pro features, as well as special, direct-contact, support from our team.

If you are interested in this package, feel free to contact us directly at hq@creativethemes.com and we will provide more info.