Blocksy’s Facebook Community Reaches 5000 Members. Giveaway Time! (Winners Announced)

Hooray! 🥳

We’re happy to announce that our cool Facebook community has reached 5000 members. It’s time to celebrate and give back to our community, and what better way to do this than with a Blocksy Pro giveaway!

What is Blocksy Pro?

When you’re designing your next web project, you must make sure that the website has features that grab the visitor’s attention instantly. Blocksy Pro is a web designer’s ultimate tool and it helps you create a stunning online story. Wether you run your own business, or simply want to spin up a beautiful presentation website for a client, Blocksy Pro is the answer.

Did we forget to mention that creating a website with Blocksy Pro requires absolutely no coding knowledge? What’s more to like about it than that? 🙂

Why choose Blocksy Pro?

We know that you’re already probably fed up with all the marketing talk going around, so we’ll spare your time. Simply put, Blocksy Pro adds a lot of sought after features to your website. 

Let’s note just a few of the noteworthy additions that you get —

  • An Advanced Menu system that lets you create beautiful interactive menus using the Gutenberg editor
  • A template replacement engine, where you can create your very own templates for singulars and archives
  • The Conditional module, that helps you create customised versions of various site elements and display them only if some conditions are met, such as if the user is logged in or not
  • Custom Fonts support, where you can upload your standalone font files and use them with your favourite page builder

— and much, much more!

Giveaway time!

Ok, let’s talk about what you came here for — the Blocksy Pro giveaway.

Up for grabs there are six separate Blocksy Pro licenses – 3 Personal licenses, 2 Professional licenses and one Agency license (all being lifetime deals).

To enter the giveaway, just follow the steps from the little widget below to spread the word about Blocksy!

Our Blocksy Pro giveaway has ended and it’s time to announce the winners.

Our luckiest winner, who managed to snatch an Agency lifetime deal is Nguyen Ngoc -congratulations! 🥳

The runners up, who managed to grab a Professional lifetime package are Rajesh Choudhary and Fernando Camargo – woooooo, you’re lucky! 🎉

Last, but not least, our third place is split between three other people, who will each receive a Personal lifetime deal. The prizes will go to Claudia, Cengiz Karaman and David Johansen – we hope you enjoy the new features unlocked by Blocksy Pro.

This was a great giveaway and we’d like to say thank you once again to every one who participated and who has helped make Blocksy what it is today! We couldn’t be here without you, so much love from our team! ❤️

See you guys on the internet! 🫡


  1. Hi Blocksy’s,

    I just received your eMail. For me it is a pleasure to help you. There is no need for a give back (even I already have a lifetime pro license). Using Blocksy and having such a great support is enough.

    A few days ago I saw, that my blog is listed on your showcase page. For this I have to say: Thank you!

    Continued Succes!

  2. Dear Blocksy team, as a owner of Agency lifetime license I just wanted to say – thank you for fabulous support and brilliant theme that you bring to my life. It’s definitely top choice for everyone who is looking for stable website on WordPress – highly recommended!

  3. Thank you very much, Blocksy team!

    I built my own e-commerce. Something which was unbelievable for me to do. For a person who is not a tech person, it’s a real challenge!
    I extended my boundaries! I’m keeping learning every day with Blocksy team!

    Many thanks for support team that have patience to me and my questions!


  4. I really have to get one Personal is enough for me, but if I get Agency it will be a bigger surprise for me. Let’s see what happens.

  5. Looks like I’ll be building our 2.0 website with Blocksy (win or lose). Using my personal site to learn the best ways to build with Blocksy. Many thanks for what is looking like THE WordPress theme.

  6. Blocksy is really a nice theme and very easy to use. Make your website look great and simple to navigate. Really recommend this theme.

  7. This the time that I am waiting, I hope i get this nice opportunity to get a blocksy lifetime license if i didn’t get one i will congratulate in advance for those who get the Lifetime License Giveaway from Blocksy.. thank you so much Creativethemes

  8. What a ride you made!
    It was and is also a a lot of fun for me to work with blocksy and see it growing and also of having the chance to bring some little ideas into it.

  9. Well done Blocksy team for crossing the 5k line. My renewal is due in November and decided to go with the lifetime plan – but wining it would be even better as it will help me get my agency of the ground. Keep up the good work!

    All the best

  10. The customer support is second to none. Replies within hours, I have reviewed it on WordPress. On top, they are so polite. All the very best team Blocksy!

  11. Hi Creative Themes / Blocksy Team,

    I appreciate your style of celebration through giving back to the community with this lovely Blocksy Pro Giveaway!

    I use the free version of Blocksy Pro as I can’t afford it now. Recently, I knocked the Blocksy support several times for some information and help. I got surprised that how dedicatedly you have helped me, despite I’m just a free user!!

    I wish the number of community members will go much higher day by day. It will happen not because you are offering a juicy giveaway, but the quality service and support you offer.


  12. Hi Dears,

    Congratulations! This is a great Blocksy Pro giveaway! Blocksy is an all-rounder theme. Hope you succeed more in future!


  13. Congrats on the achievement! I may be biased but Blocksy is definitely one of the best WordPress themes.

  14. Looking forward to explore more about blocksy. Hope I’ll be the winner so I can use in my freelancing projects

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