Custom Archive Templates with Blocksy Pro


Nobody likes just the standard options so if you really want to give your users a memorable experience, you can take full advantage of our Custom Archive Templates.

Once you’ve created a new content block and selected the Custom Archive Template, you can start customising your template for those special blog posts or even CPTs.

The first major decision will be whether to use the Only Cards or Full Page replacement behaviour but it’s pretty simple to decide once you settle on your design choice. Just keep in mind that:

Only Cards lets you customise just the Blog Posts cards and their content using the new Gutenberg Dynamic Blocks. When this option is selected, the number of available options in the Customiser will be reduced. They won’t disappear though, as they will be migrated to the template editor.

Full Page lets you make use of any tool that builds full archive loops or if you prefer, you can use the Gutenberg Query Loop block. Choosing this option will move all the Customiser options into the template builder, giving you full control right where you need it.

After you make the choice between Only Cards or Full Page you’ll be presented with specific options. For the former, you can dynamically preview the contents of a post, really useful when you want to see the changes you’re making in real time, with real content. If you choose Full Page you can change the page structure and layout options.

A common element is the conditional display module, which lets you set up particular conditions for displaying your custom archive templates.

WordPress is evolving and your users won’t settle for basic – go custom with Blocksy Pro!