Exploring Blocksy’s Content Blocks


If you’re eager to unlock the potential to create and attach any type of content to your website then you’ll be impressed by our powerful Content Blocks feature.

Blocksy’s Content Blocks allow you to break down and re-assemble your components to best suit your unique needs and open the way to customising your website with a variety of content!

Break the limits of your imagination and creativity and dive into granular customisation with re-usable building blocks for your web pages.

Content Blocks let you include any type of content and assign it to any of the hook locations available on your pages. And with the help of our Conditional Module you can narrow down or extend the presence of your Content Blocks, making it easy for your users to access your content.

Streamline your website’s creation and editing with easy-to-use, highly-customisable Content Blocks from Blocksy! Take control of this tool and start creating rich and flexible layouts for modern websites and impressive digital products.