The White Label Extension


Agencies and freelancers will definitely appreciate the White Label extension from Blocksy, as it allows the replacement of Blocksy branding with their own. Pretty useful if you’re looking to make an impact and promote your own brand!

Before we go further, we have to specify that this extension is only available with the Agency subscription.

The first order of business will be to hide the licensing information from your website. This option is available for all Blocksy Premium packages and can be done either from the Account section of your Blocksy dashboard or from the Creative Themes dashboard, in the Manage Websites section.

Once the licensing information is hidden, your sensitive information (name, email address, etc) will be concealed. You can now go ahead and activate the White Label extension from your Blocksy dashboard. Pressing the Configure button will bring up the extension settings.

The General tab lets you fill in your agency details: name, website and support system, if you wish to include one. You can also add the theme and plugin details here.

The Advanced tab contains all the awesome features included with this extension: the option to hide various details, such as the Account menu item, the Starter Sites, Recommended Plugins and Changelog tab. You can also obscure the Support and Beta Updates sections and even hide the White Label extension itself. By hiding all of these elements you can make sure your clients won’t associate the theme with Blocksy. A necessary comment though: only hide the White Label extension after making all of your branding changes so you don’t accidentally lock yourself out 🙂 

We’ve made this feature as streamlined as possible and we hope it will help you or your agency reach both your clients and your true potential!