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Custom SVG icons for header elements

We know the importance of having a consistent design, according to your vision. That’s why we’ve implemented a few filters to let you change the icons for some header elements. Cart icon Account icon Search icon Wishlist icon

Change Conditional Module Relation

By default, the Conditional Module present throughout the theme, in places such as the header customiser, Content Blocks and more, has the relation of OR between its conditions. But, because some use cases rely on the relation to be AND…

Modify the Related Posts queries

In some cases, you might wish to modify the criteria on how the Related Posts module pulls in its posts. We have created two example filters, which accept standard WordPress queries. These help you modify the criteria on how Related…

Change Wishlist URL

If you’re looking to change the Wishlist URL, look no further than using this snippet! It should change the URL everywhere, including the Header element and My Account page item. Don’t forget to clear your permalinks caches!