9 of the Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins That Make the Block Editor Better

This might not be the most popular opinion among WordPress pros, but I really think that Gutenberg is awesome! With the right package of extra blocks, you can build pretty much any design with it, and no web development skills are required to pull it off. But how do you get that right package of extra blocks? This is where some of the best Gutenberg blocks plugins come into play.

But first, why do you even need extra plugins in the first place? Isn’t Gutenberg good enough on its own?

Why use best Gutenberg blocks plugins

In its default setup, Gutenberg is “a-okay” – but not much more.

And don’t get me wrong, it is good if you want to add a nice image or illustration to your page and have it aligned in a fancy way, or when you want to add some columns and align them with images to the side, etc. However, if you want to build a more custom design – something that flows and brings together different page elements, then this is when you need to extend the good ol’ block editor by adding some of the best Gutenberg blocks plugins on top of it.

There really is a lot that can be gained here. Most solutions on the market come with custom blocks for things like pricing tables, custom buttons, advanced headings and text (shading, transparency, animations, etc.), custom dividers, accordions, tabs, and much more.

At the end of the day, the right Gutenberg blocks plugin will give you some quality high-level design tools that are easy to use and can help you turn your site from a generic starter to a fully custom masterpiece.

The following roundup lists eight of the very best Gutenberg blocks plugins, the features that each of them offers, and why you should use them:


Best Gutenberg blocks plugins: Stackable

Stackable is one of the more interesting solutions among today’s best Gutenberg blocks plugins that extend what the block editor can do.

This one comes not only with additional Gutenberg blocks – of which there are plenty – but also some power features that are more common in page builder plugins (entire block layouts, animations, more typography control, image shapes, etc.).

But that’s not all! If you work on client sites, you can upgrade to get even more advanced features like a CSS customizer module and a role manager. There are also integrations with Font Awesome, Google Fonts, and multilingual capabilities.

Extra blocks: Advanced Columns & Grid // Container // Advanced Heading // Advanced Text // Icon // Separator // Posts // Feature Grid // Accordion // Image Box // Feature // Icon List // Call to Action // Card // Header // Count Up // Video Popup // Pricing Box // Testimonial // Team Members // Notification // Number Box // Expand/Show More // Button // Blockquote // Divider // Spacer

Free version: yes

Pricing: pro from $49 / year

Active on: 40,000+ sites


The other Gutenberg blocks plugin is JetEngine, also known as the top Elementor addon. This plugin has extensive features to help you build dynamic websites: creating custom post types, new listings, etc.

JetEngine integrates with lots of plugins: ACF, WooCommerce, RankMath, Yoast, WPML, etc.

Also, after the recent release, users can create beautiful charts & tables in Gutenberg.

Extra blocks: Map listing // Order Form // Dynamic terms // Dynamic Repeater // Dynamic meta // Dynamic link // Dynamic image // Dynamic Fields // Calendar // Listing Grid 

Free version: no

Pricing: pro from $26

Active on: 50,000+ sites



Next in line, we have GenerateBlocks. While the previous plugins on this list are more about giving you ready-made block designs, which you can then plug and play into your website, GenerateBlocks is all about advanced customization.

With GenerateBlocks, you can tune-up every and any aspect of how a given block is presented – starting from its size to margins, colors, backgrounds, and much more.

Compared to the other Gutenberg blocks plugins, this one offers only a handful of new blocks. However, you can configure them in any way you see fit so that you can still craft fairly advanced layouts and structures while also keeping the site loading fast.

Extra blocks: Container // Grid // Buttons // Button // Headline

Free version: yes

Pricing: pro from $39 / year

Active on: 20,000+ sites


Best Gutenberg blocks plugins: Qubely

Qubely is our favorite on this list of the best Gutenberg blocks plugins – that’s the main reason we actually bundle it in with the Blocksy starter site package.

We believe that Qubely is simply your best way to get additional blocks and new features into Gutenberg and in an easy-to-use manner.

First off, it gives you not only extra blocks but also whole predefined sections (that all look great), custom layout packs, shape dividers, integration with Google Fonts, and more. There are also features for more advanced users, such as device-specific responsive controls and a module for using custom CSS.

Extra blocks: Row // Button // Testimonial // Heading // Counter // Tabs // Accordion/Toggle // Advanced Text // Video Popup // Google Map // Progress Bar // Social Icons // Button Group// Button // Info Box // Advanced List // Contact Form // Icon List // Pricing // Team // Image // Timeline // Post Grid // Icon // Divider // Block Wrapper // Pie Progress

Free version: yes

Pricing: pro from $39 / year

Active on: 10,000+ sites

Editor Plus

Editor Plus

Editor Plus by Extendify doesn’t give you a myriad of new blocks like some of the other plugins on this list. However, it does do quite a lot to extend the default set of adjustments you can do to the blocks already there. Here’s what this means:

With Editor Plus, you can take your otherwise normal blocks and customize them by adding things like animations (fade, slide, etc.), custom typography, spacing, borders, backgrounds, box shadows, visibility settings, shape dividers, icons, and more.

This makes it a great solution if you’re not necessarily looking for more blocks but rather for more customization options with the blocks you already have.

Extra blocks: Tabs // Accordion & Toggle // Icon // Rating // Progress Bar // Stats & Counter // Countdown Timer

Free version: yes

Pricing: Extendify Pro from $49 / year

Active on: 5,000+ sites


Best Gutenberg blocks plugins: Getwid

Getwid puts its focus on extending Gutenberg’s main block library with more than 40 new elements. On top of that, there’s also a template library that gives you access to pre-made section and page designs (where two or more blocks come together to form a bigger design).

Getwid also prides itself on building their plugin in a way that’s optimized for performance and doesn’t add bloat to your WordPress installation.

Extra blocks: Section // Advanced Heading // Google Maps // Icon // Icon Box // Image Box // Social Links // Banner // Image Slider // Media & Text Slider // Button Group // Person // Accordion // Toggle // Tabs // Image Stack Gallery // Testimonial // Recent Posts // Advanced Spacer // Instagram // Counter // Price Box // Progress Bar // Circular Progress Bar // Contact Form // Post Carousel // Price List // Post Slider // Custom Post Type // Mailchimp // Countdown // Video Popup // Content Timeline // Image Hotspot // Table of Contents // Advanced Table // Anchor

Free version: yes

Pricing: free

Active on: 30,000+ sites

Otter Blocks

Otter Blocks

Otter is one of the more popular plugins on our list. It was actually one of the first such plugins on the market, and, in many cases, it has all the features a casual user may need.

Otter will be a great solution for users who want to get some seemingly obvious types of blocks, which are somehow missing from Gutenberg in its native state.

But that’s not all; Otter also comes with a template library, which does a great job of kick-starting your design. There are over 50 different templates to choose from. This is actually one of the bigger such catalogs among the plugins on this list.

Extra blocks: Section // Section Column // Advanced Heading // Button Group // Button // Slider // Google Maps // Post Grid // Posts // Service // Pricing // Testimonials // About Author // Icon // Icon List // Lottie Animation // Progress Bar // Sharing Icons // Plugin Card // Icon List Item

Free version: yes

Pricing: free

Active on: 90,000+ sites

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is the gold standard for many webmasters when it comes to extending the stock Gutenberg editor. This plugin packs many upgrades and improvements, and users seem to be enjoying it quite a lot – judging by a truly impressive number of active installs of this plugin.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg brings a couple of useful things to the table. Chief of them is a catalog of more than 20 pre-made website designs crafted using the plugin’s extra blocks and optimized for the visual qualities and the performance of the whole package.

Extra blocks: Tabs // Lottie Animations // Review Schema // Taxonomy List // Advanced Columns // Advanced Heading // Blockquote // Call To Action // Contact Form 7 Styler // Content Timeline // FAQ Schema // Google Map // Gravity Form Styler // How-to Schema // Icon List // Info Box // Inline Notice // Marketing Button // Multi Buttons // Post Layouts // Post Timeline // Price List // Sections // Social Share // Table Of Contents // Team // Testimonials // WP Search // Post Carousel // Post Grid // Post Masonry

Free version: yes

Pricing: free

Active on: 300,000+ sites



CoBlocks is by far the most popular Gutenberg blocks plugin on the market. Though this shouldn’t be that surprising once you find out that they have the whole marketing power of GoDaddy behind them – the plugin is owned by the domain and hosting giant.

Feature-wise CoBlocks delivers everything you might need from a solution of this kind. You get improved column layouts, advanced responsive controls, handy drag-to-resize features, and row nesting (a great power feature to have). And, last but not least, there are a ton of original blocks included. Speaking of which:

Extra blocks: Accordion // Alert // Author Profile // Buttons // Carousel Gallery // Click to Tweet // Collage Gallery // Dynamic Separator // Events // Features // Food & Drinks // Form // Gif // GitHub Gist // Hero // Highlight // Icon // Logos & Badges // Map // Masonry Gallery // Media Card // Offset Gallery // Post Carousel // Posts // Pricing Table // Resizable Row & Columns // Services // Shape Divider // Social Profiles // Social Sharing // Stacked Gallery

Free version: yes

Pricing: free

Active on: 400,000+ sites

What’s your favorite Gutenberg blocks plugin?

The Gutenberg ecosystem is growing rapidly, and it seems like we’re seeing more and more plugins extending it every month. Luckily for everyone, those plugins come with great free versions, so you can test them out one by one before landing on your ideal solution.

And by the way, all of these plugins work with your favorite WordPress theme – Blocksy.

What’s your favorite among the best Gutenberg blocks plugins that we listed here? Share in the comments.

Karol K
Karol K

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  1. Hi Blocksy team,

    Are you intending to build blocks by yourselves? Blocksy Blocks?? :-))


  2. For me the most promising blocks plugin yet is GenerateBlocks, clean and well thought, and more things to come from them soon. Qubely has some nice blocks, but seems to be a bit buggy, and support response and solving issues with updates is slow. EditorPlus had a good start, but development has slowed down (possibly because it has been sold), and despite offering some interesting tweaks to core block items, it does not integrate with global theme settings.

    And of course I am very curious what Blocksy will add with their own blocks plugin.

      • We use wordpress multisite to manage multiple sites to simplify the work and on some sites this editor was enabled by default. Thank you for paying attention to this , we have disabled the extra plugins for the plugin demo site

  3. Salve l’editor che sto utilizzando maggiormente con il tema è stackable, ma prima di conoscerlo (tra l’altro ho saputo della sua esistenza forse meno di un anno leggendo tra i plugin consigliati all’interno del tema) usavo Atomic block che poi è diventato Genesis block, ma sono passata a stackable perché notavo che qualche volta alcuni blocchi non si visualizzavano più e sono passata a stackable.
    Mi trovo molto bene, ma adesso che ho letto questo articolo vorrei provare anche alcuni di questi che avete consigliato.
    Un articolo molto interessante

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