Managing CPTs with Blocksy + Meta Box


What are we creating today? Custom Post Types with Blocksy and Metabox, of course!

CPTs are great for distinguishing your content from the standard blog posts: you can stylise them to reflect your vision and build an awesome experience for your readers. For post types that need to engage visitors with a compelling visual interface, this is a surefire way to stand out!

First order of business is to install and activate the Metabox Plugin on your Blocksy website. If you activate it and install their CPT extender, a new option will be added to your WordPress dashboard. This will allow you to add a New Post Type. You can choose its name (both singular and plural forms), slug, description, icon and more.

You can also assign your new CPT to your existing taxonomies but, due to some WordPress limitations, it is recommended to create separate taxonomies for each custom post type.

In our case, we named the CPT Recipes since we are aiming to create a recipes section for our website. After publishing it, you can add your choice content but in our case, we will use a dummy content generator for the purpose of exploring the Customiser options for CPTs. We will also add the Recipes archive page to our menu. Remember to update your permalinks to make sure the caches are cleared and everything leads to where it’s supposed to!

When we open the Customiser we’ll notice the new post type has appeared and is ready to be modified. You can adjust the cards from the archives section, the options here allowing you to set the default structure, modify the page elements and adjust the cards options.

Under the Single Page options for the newly-created CPTs we have the same familiar options for customising posts and we can adjust structure and elements as desired.

It is worth mentioning that our Blocksy Premium extension Post Types Extra is supported by CPTs and lets you add filtering options, the reading progress bar and custom fields support for these CPTs.

So if you’re thinking of spiffing-up your website with CPTs, Blocksy + Metabox are here for you 🙂