Exploring the Custom Fonts Extension


Our Custom Fonts extension is yet another useful tool for Blocksy PRO subscribers as it lets them upload a library of fonts directly inside the Media Library.

You will then be able to access your custom fonts in the Customiser and even use them in supported plugins like Stackable or Elementor.

Activating and configuring the extension is done in the same place where all the cool extensions like to hang around – the Blocksy dashboard 🙂 

Since there shouldn’t be any limits on creativity, you can upload as many .TTF and .WOFF fonts in as many variations as you like! The Blocksy recommendation is that when possible, you should choose .WOFF fonts as their reduced size means a quicker load in compatible browsers.

Simple fonts and their variations are easily uploaded and can be assigned in the Customiser. For variable fonts, the process is even easier since you only need to upload two files for each font.

You can find the custom fonts that you uploaded in the Customiser, at the bottom of the font list.

And that’s it! Only thing you need to do now is find a fine font and give your website that rare look!