Single Post Customisation Options


HOT! Single Posts in your area!

We get it – not everybody posts the same. That’s why we’d like to show you how to customise your Single Posts with Blocksy customisation and make your website really stands out!

In the Customiser you have the option to change the design of the featured section between classic and modern, full-bleed layouts that make your featured image the focal point of this section.

The next option allows you to select and customise which elements follow next: breadcrumbs, title, excerpt and post meta. The vertical and horizontal alignment of the elements can also be set here, as well as the width of the featured container and its background image.

Back in the Single Posts primary options, we have the four choices for the Post Structure: narrow or full-width, alternatively left or right sidebar. This is very useful if you want a quick way to decide how to structure your content horizontally.

Speaking of horizontal content, the Content Area Style lets you choose between Wide and Boxed content, which is something many users consider when placing images or videos in their posts and want to give these elements space to  breathe. Even better is the ability to choose what type of area style is displayed on devices with different screen sizes. Let your creativity shine and make the most of the desktop screens, it’s free real estate. On mobile, less is more – sometimes.

The Content Area Vertical Spacing is pretty self-explanatory: padding applied on the top, on the bottom, on both or neither.

The next section lets you display and customise your single posts’ elements: featured images, tags, share and author boxes and the Posts Navigation. Very useful for making sure your readers receive and share the right information.

The last options (for now) are the Related Posts and Comments elements, great tools for reader retention and interactions.

The Customiser offers granular control options for the Blocksy Single Post Customisation and even better, editing each post gives you access to the same elements and options so you can make each and every one of your posts truly singular 🙂