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Co-Authors Plus

Co-authoring support in action.

Blocksy 2 streamlines the co-authoring experience within WordPress by offering native integration with the official “Co-Authors Plus” plugin ( This powerful duo empowers you to effortlessly showcase multiple authors for each post, enriching your content with valuable author insights and fostering team recognition.

Effortless Author Presentation

The integration automatically populates the post meta data section (configurable within the post’s title/hero container) with the profile pictures and names of all designated co-authors. To access these configuration options, navigate to the Customiser -> Single Posts -> Post Title. You can find a detailed breakdown of this process here:

Automatic and User-Friendly

Blocksy 2 prioritises a user-friendly experience. The Co-Authors Plus integration activates automatically – there’s no additional setup required on your end. Simply install and activate the plugin, assign your co-authors to the desired post, and they will automatically appear within the post meta data section. Additionally, the integration ensures the correct order is maintained, guaranteeing that the sequence of profile pictures aligns perfectly with the corresponding author names.

This seamless integration empowers you to showcase your collaborative efforts with ease, fostering a more transparent and engaging content creation environment.

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