Everything you need to get started with Blocksy Theme and Companion


Blocksy was built from the ground with flexibility and extensibility in mind, this told, it provides you with super powers to drastically change the appearance and functionality of your website without touching a line of code.

To access the Blocksy theme options simply go to AppearanceCustomize

We took the default WordPress Customizer experience to the next level by improving the preview of all changes you make to be instantly visible – you will see your changes immediately, without a page refresh or selective refresh.

All Customizer options are smartly grouped in order to give you a better and more intuitive work place, so for example if you are working on your header – you will have everything you will need under your arms without the need to go back to other sections of options and set something else like a font or color.

Here you will find Global Options and also Local Options that may affect the entire site or only a local part of it. Each article in this chapter will give an overview of what the options do for each grouping.

There are also page/post specific options located on every edit page/post screen. Please see the relevant section in the documentation to learn more about them.

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