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Single Posts

You can find the global posts options in CustomizerPost Types Single Posts. You can rewrite some options from this panel by editing the appropriate post then scroll down until you see the Blocksy Settings meta box panel.

The single posts panel is divide in 3 sections: Post Title, Post Structure and Post Elements. Here is a brief description of each section:

Post Title – this option controls the posts title area (where the title is displayed) also from here you can control the look, what post meta elements to display and other (more info).

Post Structure – this option controls the layout of your content area, you can chose from Narrow width layout, Normal width layout and Left or Right sidebar layout.

This option is followed by Content Area Style, from here you can set how this container will look like further, you have two options:

  1. Wide – this means the container will remain simple and with a minimalist look.
  2. Boxed – setting it to this option, will wrap the entire content inside a container that you can style by adding a background color, a box shadow and even set the spacing between edges and content.

Post Elements – in this section we placed all elements that may appear on a single page.

  1. Featured Image – show the post featured image, set the location, chose the image ratio and set the image device visibility.
  2. Post Tags – displays a nice list of your tags.
  3. Share Box – display a uniq share box that comes in two types, chose the share networks and set up the visibility.
  4. Author Box – by enabling this option you will be able to display the author box at the bottom of your content. Please note that the author biography and social channels you have to set in WordPress Dashboard → Users → Your Profile.
  5. Posts Navigation – display the posts navigation in a nice way in order to increase the time your visitors spend on your website.
  6. Related Posts – this will display a list of related posts at the bottom of your content. Here you can customize the by which criteria the posts are generated, chose the number of posts, set the section location and more.
  7. Comments – chose to display or not the comments system.
  8. Subscribe Form – this one will display a nice subscribe Mailchimp form. Please note that it will appear in Post Elements only if you have the Blocksy Companion installed and activated the Mailchimp extension.
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