Everything you need to get started with Blocksy Theme and Companion

Getting Started with WooCommerce

With Blocksy, we’ve made sure that integration with the WooCommerce plugin is spot on. Our theme is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and includes full design integration and customization, as well as options to put your own personal touch on the Single Product Page, Product Archives and even the Account, Cart and Checkout pages!

To get started with creating your very first eCommerce website, simply install the WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress repository. Once installed and set up, a brand new option will appear under Blocksy’s customizer.

The first option, General, will let you customize the general (no pun intended) aspects of your shop. You’ll find options such as the Quantity Input selector, Sale Badge, Star Rating colors and Information & Error messages customization.

We previously talked about the ability to change up the Account, Cart & Checkout pages. The General tab is also the place where you’ll find such settings.

Last, but not least, you’ll find a handy option that will let you enable a store-wide notice. Useful in case you want to attract your visitor’s attention to something important.

Quantity Input

For the Quantity Input option, we’re offering two beautiful options that you can choose from.

Type 1

Type 2

Sale Badge

The Sale Badge comes in handy if one of your products is part of a promotion, or has had its price reduced. We’re offering two options of design, Square or Circle, and two options of representing the sale, the default “Sale” option, or the choice to show the percentage of the reduction.

Sale Badge Shape



Sale Badge Value



Star Rating & Messages

The Star Rating and Messages options are pretty self explanatory. They will let you customize the colors of these elements on the screen. Easy to use, easy to understand!

Star Rating


Account Page

The Account Page submenu will easily let you customize the elements of the “My Account” page. You’ll find the options to make each account page personalized for every one of your visitors, by including their avatar image, username and even handy options such as links to the account details and a quick logout option.

Checkout Page

The first option, Coupon Form, will let you display the, well you guessed it, Coupon Form on the Checkout page. This will let you increase your conversion rate significantly by offering promotional codes to your visitors, let’s say, in case they haven’t completed their purchase yet.

The Coupon Form

You will also have some form controls here, starting with highlighting the required fields on the Checkout page.

Highlighting the required checkout form fields

Next up, you can hide or make optional the Company Name, Address Line 2 and Phone fields. This is useful in case you only sell your products to individuals, not companies, or simply just want to collect less personal data about your clients.

At the end, we have our Privacy options. You can easily set your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages here. These pages are mandatory in order to comply with your country’s internal regulations.

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