Everything you need to get started with Blocksy Theme and Companion


Desktop View

The Blocksy header comes with many customisable elements. These can be arranged in anyway and customised individually.

Elements – Blocksy Free

Header Elements for Blocksy Free
  1. Account – Easily access the my account page of the website.
    The account modal could be also triggered with a custom link, example:
    <a class="ct-header-account" href="#account-modal" data-view="login | register | lost-password"></a>.
  2. Button – A call to action for just about anything.
  3. Cart – Mini cart for your visitors.
  4. HTML – Basic HTML container for anything.
  5. Logo – The logo of your website.
  6. Menu 1 & 2 – Two menus for various designs.
  7. Search – Overlay search tool for your website.
  8. Socials – Social links for your social media accounts.

Elements – Blocksy Pro

Header Elements for Blocksy Pro
  1. Contacts – Contact information easily available.
  2. Divider – Easily organise your header items on screen.
  3. Language Switcher – Option to change the language of your website, when using supported plugins, such as Polylang, WPML & TranslatePress.
  4. Menu 3 – Another menu item for even more possibilities.
  5. Search Box – Advanced search functionality for your website.
  6. Trigger – Unifying mobile and desktop menus.
  7. Widget Area – Gutenberg inside the header.

Enhancements in Blocksy Pro

  1. Account
  2. Button
    Can open pop-ups from Content Blocks.
  3. Cart
    Has another type of cart drawer — the side cart!

Mobile View

Mobile Header & Off Canvas Menu in Action

The Off Canvas Menu is the adapted view for mobile devices. Many of the other header elements are also available here, but to be configured differently.

The mobile header has completely separate settings from the desktop header, so you’re free to configure it how you’d like.


  1. Trigger – Button that shows the off canvas menu.
  2. Off Canvas Menu – The adapted menu items for the mobile view.
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