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Translating with WPML

WPML is an advanced plugin that lets you easily convert your single language website into multiple languages. It will let you translate pretty much every part of your website, from its content, to smaller pieces such as strings, form fields and widgets.

Getting Started

Setting Up WPML

Getting started with WPML couldn’t be easier. You need to start by installing their three main components:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS
  • String Translation
  • Media Translation

After you’ve installed the aforementioned plugins, you should be greeted by WPML’s setup wizard that will guide you through the initial setup process. By following the easy steps provided, you will be able to:

  • Choose your site’s languages
  • Choose your URL format
  • Register WPML
  • Choose your translation mode

Translation Modes

WPML comes with two main translation mode choices.

  • Translate Everything – All of the site’s content will be automatically translated and placed in a review queue as soon as the content is published or updated.
  • Translate Some – You get to pick and choose which parts of your website get translated. This mode allows for the content to be translated manually, by using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor.

Translating Content

How to Translate Pages

If you have initially selected the “Translate Everything” option, then everything gets translated and gets put into a review queue, ready for your translators to validate. All other miscellaneous texts, such as widgets, strings and more will need to be translated using the Strings Translation add-on.

If you have selected the “Translate Some” option, then translations will need to be implemented ‘manually’ via the Advanced Translation Editor. You can enter the translations yourself, or you can connect your account with one of WPML’s recommended third party translation services. 

Translating Strings

WPML’s String Translation add-on allows you to translate those smaller texts throughout your website, such as widget contents, strings, field values and more. The add-on will be available through your WordPress Dashboard and will automatically be populated by all the supported fields.

Translating WooCommerce

WPML also offers full support for those e-commerce websites out there. The offer a separate add-on that helps with this, and you can find out more about here —

It is worth noting that WooCommerce Multilingual comes bundled with WPML’s Multilingual CMS option.

Blocksy Pro Enhancements

By being a Blocksy Pro subscriber you get some additional enhancements for your multi language website.

  • Language Switcher Header Element – Useful for your visitors to quickly change the language of your website.
  • Language Based Conditionals – Enhancement to our conditional module to automatically detect the current language.
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