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Conditions Module

The Conditions Module comes in really handy if you wish to have some parts of Blocksy be displayed only under certain conditions. Having such a powerful feature will let you achieve fully dynamic websites and let you differentiate yourself from the competition.

You can find this module throughout Blocksy in places such as:

  • Header Builder
  • Footer Builder
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • Content Blocks
  • Trending Posts Extension
  • Shortcuts Bar Extension

Conditions Module Options

Display Conditions

The Display Conditions options will let you set things such as the pages, posts or categories you wish to display the element on. There are many options here, including these special pages such as 404, search and blog. You can also go the exclusion route here, which can lead to some interesting flows.

The User Conditions options will let you display or hide things in instances such as if the user is logged in or not, or even based on their role.

Display Conditions Dialogue Box in action
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