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Blog Posts

You can find the Blog Posts options in CustomizerPost TypesBlog Posts. From this panel you can customize several parts of the Blog Archives page:

Blog Title – by enabling this option you will be able to display the title and description of this page, more info about setting a Page/Post Title you can find here.

Blog Structure – this option is used to set up the posts entries layout type, you can chose from Simple, Classic, Grid, Enhanced Grid and Gutenberg layout types.

Card Options – in this panel you have a range of options for customizing the look of an entry, we call them cards. You can set the card type (from boxed to simple), set and rearrange the card elements, adjust the number of cards per row and per page and also customize the appearance (colors, typography and more).

Sidebar – enable or disable the sidebar for this page.

Pagination – chose the pagination type for this page, you can chose from Standard, Next & Prev buttons, Load More and Infinite Scroll.

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