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Blog Posts

Blocksy offers five design choices for the Blog Posts of your website. Each mode is fully customisable.

From the Blog Posts pane you can change the following:

Blog Title – by enabling this option you will be able to display the title and description of this page.

Blog Structure – this option will let you choose the design of the Blog Posts archive

Card Options – in this panel you will have the necessary options to customise one of the Card’sĀ¹ looks. Things such as Post Meta Elements, Title, Excerpt and so on are fully changeable.

Sidebar – enable or disable the sidebar for the archive.

Pagination – chose the pagination type for this page. You will find options such as Standard, Infinite Load and Click to Load More.

Card Reveal Effect – a cool looking effect for the cardsĀ¹ while you scroll.

1) We call the Blog Entry a Card, because it looks like one :)
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