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Content Blocks – 404 Template

Creating a 404 Template

The default 404 error page offered by WordPress can often feel bland and uninspired. Blocksy Pro empowers you to break free from these limitations and design a truly custom 404 page that seamlessly integrates with your website’s unique aesthetic.

Effortless Customisation

Leveraging the intuitive Content Blocks functionality within Blocksy Pro, creating a bespoke 404 page is a breeze. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Navigate to the Content Blocks section in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click Add New at the top.
  3. Select the dedicated 404 Template.

Voila! You’ll be presented with a clean Gutenberg canvas, ready for your creative vision to take flight. Drag and drop your desired blocks to craft a visually appealing and informative 404 page that guides users back on track.

Automatic Integration

Blocksy Pro eliminates the need for complex configuration options. Once you’ve meticulously crafted your 404 page design using Gutenberg blocks, it’s automatically applied to your website. This streamlined process ensures a seamless user experience and reduces the time investment required to personalise your 404 page.

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