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Content Blocks

Content Blocks are a powerful feature that lets you easily insert any piece of content you might think of, dynamically, throughout your website. It works with the most popular page builders, so if you already know how to use one, you already know half of the Content Blocks story. The great part of this feature is that you do not need to know any bit of coding to implement Content Blocks throughout your website.

Creating a Content Block

There are five types of Content Blocks. Standard, Popup, 404 Template and a Header and Footer template. We will concentrate on all but the Popup, since it has already been covered.

Standard Content Blocks

This type of Content Blocks can include anything you might think of. If a page builder can do it, so a Content Block can.

Content Blocks options

Let’s address the options. What you need to know —

  • Container Structure – this lets the Content Block follow the rules that you have set for normal pages or posts.
  • Location & Priority – this lets you choose where would you like the Content Block to appear on the page. Priority goes like counting numbers 🙂
  • Display Conditions – our usual conditional dialogue box. Choose where would you like the Content Block to take effect.
  • Expiration Time & Date – lets you automatically disable a Content Block, after a specified time.
  • Block Position – the Content Block separates from the hook and is placed on top of everything. Useful in case you wish to customise it with CSS.
  • Visibility – our usual device visibility selector.

Language Support

The Content Blocks feature supports the usual multi-lingual features. By installing one of the popular multi-language plugins, such as WPML, Polylang or TranslatePress, you automatically get access to these features.

You will be able to translate Content Blocks, select their display conditions based on the current language, you know, the usual features.

404 Template

This lets you easily customise the 404 page that’s displayed whenever a user reaches a non existent page. You can change the whole design of the page with whatever you might think of.

Header & Footer Templates

These two types of Content Blocks let you easily replace the header or footer of your website with something completely custom. You’re no longer constrained by the elements available for the header & footer, anything that can be built with a page builder can be set in place of the header or footer.

Showing Hooks

Hook system in action

To show the various hooks you can use, simply go to the front end of your website and choose the Hook Locations option in the toolbar. You will be presented with every hook available on top of your content. You can use these to display your Content Block

Loading Stylesheets from Third Party Builders

Content Blocks have out of the box support for a handful of tools for building pages. Specifically:

  • Elementor
  • Brizy
  • Zion Builder
  • Gutenberg + Stackable

For performance reasons, we let the other available options integrate their stylesheets themselves. Example of how to use:

add_action('blocksy:pro:content-blocks:pre-output', function ($id) {
  // Enqueue assets for the specific content block

The code for these tools would be too big to put into Blocksy, especially with all the available options out there. If you really need the support for this, you can easily integrate one of the following snippets of code into your website.

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