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Content Blocks – Custom Archive Templates

Creating a new Archive template.

We’ve enhanced the Blocksy experience with a new feature that lets you build customised archive card templates. Think of it as Full Site Editing on steroids.

Creating a new Archive card template

To achieve this, simply go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Content Blocks menu, under Blocksy. Click on “Add New”, then select the “Custom Template” option, followed by “Archive Template”. Give it a name and click the “Create Content Block” button.

You will then be presented with a Gutenberg editor window, ready to create your layout. You’ll be able to use the new blocks included with WordPress 5.9 to create a personalised archive layout. It works just like FSE!

Options Available

As usual, the Conditional Module is present and ready for duty. You can use it to assign the archive card layout to just some types of archives.

Default Card Layout

This lets you inherit the Customiser settings, when it comes to the design part of the archive cards. Things like the background color, spacing, shadows can be inherited or set to the default values. Further customisable via CSS.

Dynamic Content Preview

This lets you preview the archive cards in real time, using any kind of supported posts from your website. There’s even a handy search tool built in.

Editor/Card Width

This lets you set the Gutenberg editor width to something narrower, to better understand the layout you’re building — archive cards — much easier.

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