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Related Posts

The Related Posts module lets you easily highlight important, on-topic content regarding the current article that your visitor is reading. It also comes in really handy with support for CPTs.

To enable the Related Posts module, simply navigate to the Customiser -> Single Posts -> Related Posts.

Activating the Related Posts module

Configuration Options

The Related Posts module leaves you endless possibilities when selecting which types of articles should display at the end of your posts.

Columns & Posts

The Columns & Posts setting will let you adjust how many articles the module should display on the screen. These options can also be configured on a per device basis, leaving you with endless opportunities for adjusting the smallest of details.

Related Criteria

This option is pretty interesting. It will let you select the query that the Related Posts module gathers its information from. Two simple choices are available here, Category, which will show related posts from the same category, and Tag, which will show related posts from the same post tag.

Featured Image

In case you wish to achieve a more minimalist or consistent look, these options are for you! The will let you show or hide the featured image for the related posts and even adjust the image size, achieving that perfect look. The Image Size option will let you adjust which image file will be loaded, further optimising the speed of the website.

Meta Elements

These options are pretty self explanatory. They will let you show or hide various Meta Elements inside the Related Posts module. You have choices such as the Published Date, Author, Comments and so on.

Module Title & Alignment

The Module Title setting will let you easily rename the section and set it’s heading HTML tag, useful in case you wish to highlight something other than posts. The HTML tag setting will let you further optimise the SEO of your website.

You can also choose the side you wish to align the module’s title to, left, centre or right.

Module Placement

This one is a bit interesting, because it will let you decouple the module from the actual post content. The “Separated” option will display the module full width, after the post content has ended, while the “Contained” option will glue the container closer to the post content and making it look more consistent.

One quick note we would like to make here. If you have selected the “Separate” container option, you will have the option to move the Related Posts module before or after the Comments section, as well as setting its container width to be normal or narrower.

Device Visibility

You will also be presented with the usual assortment of device visibility options, letting you choose on which kind of devices you’d like to display the related posts module.

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