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Socials block in action.

Unify your online presence and connect with your audience across different platforms with the intuitive Socials block for Gutenberg. Simply add it to any page or post and watch it transform into a stylish hub for your social media channels.

  • Add in seconds: Integrate the block seamlessly into your website content without complex configurations.
  • Connect anywhere: Showcase your social media presence throughout your website, on posts, pages, and even widget areas.
  • Reach your audience: Guide visitors directly to your social channels, fostering engagement and community building.

Granular Controls

Social Channels

  • Select your networks: Easily add all the social channels where you want your audience to connect with you. You can configure these in two ways:
    • Centralised setup: Head to the “Customiser -> General -> Social Network Accounts” section to manage all networks at once.
    • Individual customization: Adjust specific networks directly within the block’s options panel for personalized control.
  • Open new tabs & SEO control: Choose whether to open links in new tabs for a seamless user experience. You can also add the “rel=nofollow” attribute to links for SEO optimization.

Icon Controls

  • Icon size & spacing: Fine-tune the visual layout for a balanced and eye-catching appearance.
  • Color control: Match your brand or let the official platform colors stand out.
  • Shape it up: Opt for classic, rounded, or squared-off icons to complement your website’s style.
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