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Can’t edit customizer options

Sometimes you seem to not be able to edit any options in the customizer with Blocksy. This can happen for several reasons. One of the most common ones is that some caching plugins will remove Blocksy’s inline styles from being applied in the customizer. Blocksy outputs these style tags only in the customizer for allowing the instant sync of options (colors, backgrounds, typography, sizes).

And when one tool or the other removes these tags — editing obviously breaks, because Blocksy has no access to the mentioned style tags. This can be pretty easily fixed by disabling the CSS optimisations performed by your caching plugin while logged in OR in customizer.

Following we’ll list a way to fix this for various tools:

LiteSpeed Cache

  1. Go to LiteSpeed Cache -> Page Optimisation
  2. Go to the Tuning tab
  3. In the URI Excludes option add this string: customize_changeset_uuid
  4. Refresh the customizer and check that everything works as expected
Not the solution you are looking for?

Please check other articles or open a support ticket.