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Custom Post Types

Outside of the box, Blocksy provides support for the following post types:

  • Blog posts and Pages
  • WooCommerce Products
  • bbPress Forums, Topics and Replies
  • BuddyPress

Supporting a custom post type means the following things:

  1. For Archives customize:
    1. Page Titles
    2. Card Options
    3. Sidebar
    4. Pagination
  2. For Single posts change:
    1. Page Title
    2. Page Structure (which includes sidebars)

But, sometimes there’s a need to change these elements even for custom post types that are not in the above list. Like the ones defined with Pods or Custom Post Type UI.

Starting with Blocksy 1.7.20, there’s an automatic system that detects the declared custom post types and displays the options panel for them.

After you declared the custom post type, Blocksy will pick up the custom post type and will display two new sections in customizer UI from which everything can be changed. In this example we’re dealing with the movie post type, so Movies and Single Movies got created.

Blocksy automatically detects everything else and applies the settings as needed.

Not the solution you are looking for?

Please check other articles or open a support ticket.