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Copying Options

Copying options across multiple post types

If you have a site with lots of post types, you may want to make it look consistent across. You might want to copy the post options from blog posts to your other CPTs. With Blocksy, you can with a very few clicks.

To get started, configure your initial post settings in the category of your choice. Then go to the target post type and choose the dot dot dot menu at the top of the pane. Choose to copy which options you might want.

Granular Controls

Choosing Options

In the first section of the dialogue box you will need to choose the set of options that will get copied to the new post type. They go as follow –

  • All Options – this will, of course, copy all options from the original post type’s archive page.
  • Page Title – this will copy just the title/hero section of the archive.
  • Posts Listing – here you can copy the structure of the posts.
  • Pagination – and this copies just the pagination settings.

Here you can select where to copy these options from. There are multiple options available –

  • Post Type Name – this selects the archive of a post type of your choice.
  • Categories – this selects the main categories view of blog posts.
  • Author – this selects the author page settings.
  • Search – this selects the search page settings.
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