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Post Types Extra

Our Post Types Extra extension lets you further personalise your post categories with taxonomy colours and featured images, a progress bar for tracking the reading progress of a post and even support for custom fields inside the archive pages and post meta elements.

Activation couldn’t be easier. Simply navigate to the Blocksy Dashboard -> Extensions -> Pro Extensions -> Post Types Extra.

Category Customisation

Category Customisation Options

At the bottom of each edit page of any post category, you will find the Featured Image and Accent Colours options.

The Featured Image option will let you display a beautiful full bleed hero image inside the category title container. The option will only work if your category titles are set to type 2.

Accent Colours will simply highlight the taxonomy titles when previewing the blog archives or single post pages, letting you easily organise posts more visually.

Reading Progress Bar

Reading Progress Bar in Action

The Reading Progress Bar will let your visitors easily keep track how far are they into the article. It’s simple enough and does not need much fuss. 🙂

Custom Fields Integration

Custom Fields Integration in Action

Integrating Custom Fields into your WordPress setup can make all the difference in the world. This advanced plugin will let you easily integrate any type of metric or information into your posts. In our example video above, we have integrated a Hotness meter for our posts, indicating that the article is a must read.

These Custom Fields can be added inside the post meta sections. You can add them inside your blog post cards, inside your blog post title as a meta layer, or even as a totally separate layer inside of the title section.

Possibilities are endless here.


Of course, the Post Types Extra extension supports CPTs.

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