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About Me

“About Me” block in action.

Introduce yourself or a team member in style with the powerful “About Me” Gutenberg block. It seamlessly integrates key information like:

  • Captivating profile photo: Make a great first impression with a high-quality image.
  • Social media connections: Connect with your audience by showcasing your active social channels.
  • Internal profile link: Guide users to learn more about you within the WordPress website.

Granular Controls

User Information

Choose who shines in the spotlight with flexible options:

  • Dynamic: Automatically showcase any user on your site, pulling their information seamlessly.
  • Custom: Don’t have a user account? No problem! Introduce anyone with a custom image and name.

Personalise Their Look:

  • User: Pick the user whose information you want to display.
  • Image Size: Choose the perfect size for their profile picture to stand out.
  • Image Shape: Go sleek and modern with a rounded container, or opt for a classic square picture.

Fine-Tune the Placement:

  • Alignment: Position the information left, center, or right to match your page layout.

Social Channels

  • Network Visibility: Choose which platforms to highlight, ensuring only the most relevant ones shine through.
  • Custom Icons & URLs: Don’t be limited by default settings! Replace icons with your own visuals and even redirect links to preferred URLs.
  • Advanced Styling: Tweak every detail: adjust icon sizes, spacing, and even explore unique icon shapes and color schemes.

With these powerful options, you can create a social media section that perfectly reflects your brand and personality.

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