Advanced Taxonomies

Advanced Taxonomies block in action.

Unleash the power of clear and organized content with the Advanced Taxonomies block. This user-friendly block transcends the limitations of traditional taxonomy widgets, transforming them into visually appealing grids that seamlessly integrate within any page or post created using the Gutenberg editor. The Advanced Taxonomies block empowers you to take complete control over the presentation of your website’s taxonomy terms, fostering a user-centric browsing experience.

Universal Taxonomy Support

The Advanced Taxonomies block boasts exceptional versatility. It effortlessly supports the display of a wide range of taxonomy types, including:

  • Built-in taxonomies: Post categories and tags
  • WooCommerce taxonomies: Product categories, brands (our Blocksy Pro feature)
  • Custom taxonomies: Any custom taxonomy you have created for your website

This comprehensive support empowers you to leverage the Advanced Taxonomies block across various functionalities, fostering a consistent and user-centric experience throughout your website.

Effortless Index Creation

Imagine creating a visually compelling index listing of all your blog categories with just a few clicks. The Advanced Taxonomies block makes this a reality. Simply add the block to your desired page or post, select the taxonomy you want to showcase, and customise the grid’s appearance to perfectly align with your website’s design.

Granular Controls

Taxonomy Controls

The control panel begins with the “Taxonomy” section. This is where you designate which taxonomy you want to showcase within the block. As previously mentioned, the Advanced Taxonomies block offers exceptional versatility, supporting the display of taxonomies from all post types, including those associated with WooCommerce products (e.g. product categories and brands).


The “Parameters” section empowers you to refine the data displayed within the block. Here’s a breakdown of the key options available:

  • Limit Terms: Control the number of taxonomy terms displayed within the grid layout. This functionality is ideal for creating curated overviews or showcasing a limited selection of terms.
  • Ordering: Dictate the order in which your taxonomy terms appear within the grid. Choose from a variety of criteria, such as term name, or opt for a random order to add a touch of dynamism.
  • Term Inclusion/Exclusion: This option allows you to selectively manage which taxonomy terms are displayed within the grid. Choose to exclude specific terms or leverage the inclusion option to curate a custom selection.
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