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Contact Info

Contact Info block in action.

The Contact Info block empowers you to build instant connections with your visitors. Simply add it anywhere within the Gutenberg editor, and effortlessly:

  • Display essential contact methods: Highlight your phone number, email address, all in one convenient location.
  • Drive engagement: Allow visitors to directly initiate a call, compose an email, or navigate to your physical address with a single click.
  • Boost accessibility: Enhance user experience by making your contact information readily available and easy to interact with.

Granular Controls

Contact Information

  • Easy Input: Seamlessly add your phone number, email, and more to the block.
  • Enhanced Detail: For each method, personalize with clickable links, custom labels, and even tailored titles.
  • User-Friendly Links: Control their behavior; open in new tabs or leverage icons as direct links for maximum convenience.

Icon Controls

  • Shape & Style: Pick the perfect icon for your brand! Opt for round, square, or standard styles to match your website’s aesthetic.
  • Fill: Choose between filled icons for a bolder look or outlines for a minimalist touch.

Alignment Options

  • Vertical or Horizontal: Arrange your contact information in a layout that complements your design. Opt for a sleek vertical list or a clear horizontal display.
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