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The Breadcrumbs block in action.

Get your visitors oriented and empowered with the intuitive Breadcrumbs block. While simple pages and posts might not require it, this block truly shines when integrated with our Content Block templates.


  • Enhanced User Experience: Guide visitors through your website’s hierarchy, making navigation clear and intuitive.
  • Improved SEO: Search engines love breadcrumbs, which can lead to better ranking and website discoverability.
  • Content Template Synergy: Unlock its full potential when paired with our pre-designed Content Block templates, where it creates a seamless browsing experience.

Granular Controls


Effortlessly adjust top, bottom, left, and right margins to seamlessly integrate the breadcrumbs into your website’s layout. Achieve that pixel-perfect alignment and balance you desire.


Take control of the color scheme! Customise the text colorlink colours, and even hover colours for links. Match your branding or experiment with contrasting palettes for visual impact.

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