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The global colors options can be found in CustomizerGeneral OptionsColors. From here you can change the color palette of your website, the base font color, content elements color and more.

Quick explanation

Global Color Palette – here you will find 15 predefined color palettes, changing this option to another palette will instantly change all colors from your website to match the current palette. You are free and can edit each color from the palette but please take in consideration a few factors.

A palette is composed from eight colors, we follow these simple rules to make everything more clear and understandable:

Color 1 – primary/brand color
Color 2 – alternate/hover color for Color 1
Color 3 – paragraph/text color
Color 4 – headings, subheadings and titles
Color 5 – borders color
Color 6 – subtle backgrounds (page hero, footer)
Color 7 – site background color
Color 8 – a very light or even white color (archive cards, header background)

Global Colors

These colors are applied globally on the entire website, you can think about them as a default rule color. You can change them individually from their appropriate item panel options. For example you can rewrite the global/default color for the menu or widgets from their options panel by simply going to the Design tab.

Base Text – this option sets the default overall font color, it is applied to almost each paragraph/element on your website.

Link Color – this option sets the link initial color and hover color.

Text Selection – applies styles to the part of a document that has been highlighted by the user (such as clicking and dragging the mouse across text).

All Headings (H1 – H6) – this option will set the color for all H1 to H6 tags at once.

Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3… – these options will set the color for an individual heading by overriding the parent option “All Headings (H1 – H6)”

Site Background – this option controls the global background color or image of your website, this means that setting a background color from here it will reflect on all your pages until you don’t rewrite it from the Page/Post options.

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