Everything you need to get started with Blocksy Theme and Companion

Visitor Engagement

Blocksy makes available integrations with powerful analytical tools such as Google Analytics out of the box.

The Visitor Engagement Panel

Google Analytics

Installing is super simple. All you have to do is copy your Tracking Code ID from your Analytics dashboard, and paste it in the according Google Analytics Tag Box inside the Blocksy Customiser.

Blocksy supports both Google Analytics v3 and Google Analytics v4 integrations, so no matter how you choose to integrate the service, you’re covered!


If you have the Cookies Consent extension active, analytical codes will not load until the visitor has pressed the accept button.

IP Anonymization – in order to improve the compliance with the privacy regulations in your country, you can take advantage of the IP anonymization function. You can find more info about this here. Markup

The Markup function will let your website present to compatible crawlers rich metadata about your website. Blocksy has full support for the markup and takes care of the SEO fundamentals of your website. These are the Schemas Blocksy is adding to your website:

  1. Blog – on your blog index page (more info).
  2. WebPage – on your single pages (more info).
  3. Person – on author archive pages, posts and pages meta, blog cards meta, author box (more info).
  4. WPHeader – to the site header (more info).
  5. WPFooter – to the site footer (more info).
  6. WPSideBar – to the site sidebar (more info).
  7. SiteNavigationElement – to the primary navigation menu (more info).
  8. SearchResultsPage – on the search results page (more info).
  9. Organization – to the title and logo (more info).

OpenGraph Metadata

OpenGraph is pretty much the same thing as, but it is compatible with social websites such as Twitter and Facebook. It will let these social crawlers gather rich metadata about your website, such as featured images, descriptions and more!

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