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You will find the global sidebar options in CustomizerGeneral OptionsSidebar. From here you can customize the global sidebar type, adjust colors, typography and more:

Quick options explanation:

Sidebar Width – this option controls the width of the sidebar.

Sidebar Gap – this option controls the space between the content area and sidebar.

Widgets Vertical Spacing – this option sets the vertical spacing between sidebar widgets.

Sticky Sidebar – enabling this option will make your sidebar sticky, this means it will follow you as you scroll unless it hits the bottom of the content area.

Visibility – this option controls on which devices the sidebar is visible, please note that by default the sidebar is visible only on desktop devices, but you could change that.

Enabling Sidebar

Please note that by default all sidebars are turned off, this gives full you control in deciding on which post type or pages you want to display the sidebar. Down below you will find how to enable the sidebar for a specific page or post type:

# Blog Sidebar

Head over to CustomizerPost TypesBlog Posts and scroll down to Page Elements – you will see the Sidebar option with a switch option on the right, enabling this switch will display the sidebar.

Once the sidebar is enabled you will note a small arrow appeared near to the switch option, you can click on this arrow and it will redirect you to a new panel – from there you can chose the sidebar position.

# Post/Page Sidebar

Go to CustomizerPost TypesSingle Posts (or Pages) and you will find in the Post Structure section this option:

You can also enable or disable the sidebar for a specific page or post, to do so simply edit your desired page/post and scroll down until you see the Blocksy Settings panel. By default the Page Structure option is inherited from the Customizer options, but if you change it from here you will override the global settings with the one you chosen.

# Categories Sidebar

Head over to CustomizerPost TypesCategories and scroll down to Categories Elements and you will find the Sidebar option.

# WooCommerce Archives

Go to CustomizerPost TypesWooCommerce Archives, scroll down to Shop Page Elements and you will see the Sidebar option.

# WooCommerce Single Product

Go to CustomizerPost TypesSingle Product, scroll to Page Elements section and you will see the Sidebar option.

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