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Sidebar Options in action

Sidebar Options

Design Type

Blocksy offers four choices of Sidebar designs.

  • Type 1 – offers you a classic sidebar layout.
  • Type 2 – encloses the sidebar in a nice coloured rectangle
  • Type 3 – separates the sidebar from the content
  • Type 4 – colours the whole sidebar area

Technical Terms

  • Sidebar Width – This setting will allow you to control how much of the viewport horizontal space you’d like the sidebar to take.
  • Sidebar Gap – Allows you to control how much space should be between the content and the sidebar.
  • Container Inner Spacing – Add a padding, or not, to the sidebar :).
  • Widgets Vertical Spacing – Control the spacing in-between the widget blocks.
  • Sticky Sidebar – Allows the widgets to stick on the screen, in case of a long page or post.
  • Sidebar Visibility – You can choose the devices you wish the sidebar to show up on.
  • Mobile Sidebar Position – Change the position of the sidebar, when viewed on mobile. Top places the sidebar contents before the post or page content.
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