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Manage Options

Sometimes when you do your customizations for example on a local environment and after you want to move them to the production site you have to do a lot of manual work, even replicating all your customizations made on the local install.

Please note that all customizations you make in customizer are tied to a theme. So, if you switch from the parent theme to a child theme or vice-versa your changes won’t be ported automatically, and that’s a normal WordPress behavior.

That’s where our options from Customizer -> General -> Manage Options are coming in to play and will save you a lot of time. These options will help you to easily copy and paste the customizer settings between your Blocksy themes without losing your work.

Export Options – this option exports all your customizer settings in to a blocksy-export.dat file.

Import Options – from here you can import the previously exported blocksy-export.dat file.

Copy Options – this functionality is handy when you just switched to the parent/child theme on the same WordPress install, you don’t have to use the export/import functionality but simply use the copy option, this will save you some time 🙂

Reset Options – this option will resets all settings to their default values, please be careful with it as you may lose all your customizations.

Important Notice

Export Options, Import Options and Copy Options are accessible if the Blocksy Companion is active. Else, only Reset Options is available.

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