Everything you need to get started with Blocksy Theme and Companion


Blocksy offers a Breadcrumbs feature to aid in the navigation on your website. It supports Pages, Posts and WooCommerce Products, and even CPTs!

Show or Hide the Breadcrumbs

To show or hide the Breadcrumbs, you will need to navigate to the Section you want -> Title -> Breadcrumbs. Click the little eye icon to toggle Breadcrumbs visibility.

Integration with Third Party Providers

Even though Blocksy has its own Breadcrumbs system, it also plays nice and integrates seamlessly with third party providers. Supported providers such as RankMath, Yoast, SEOPress or Breadcrumb NavXT.

If Blocksy detects one of these plugins, it will offer it as a provider under the General -> Breadcrumbs pane.

Picking the primary taxonomy: Integration with SEO plugins

Sometimes one of the posts may have two or more categories. And you may need to display one specific category out of all in the Breadcrumbs for SEO purposes.

To do that, open the post inside the Gutenberg editor and navigate to the Post tab. Under the Categories section there is the Select Primary button, where you can select the category you need.

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