Everything you need to get started with Blocksy Theme and Companion


Google Analytics

To install the Google Analytics please create first a new tracking code from the Google Analytics website, and copy the tracking code ID.

Make sure you have the Blocksy Companion plugin active, then go to CustomizerVisitor EngagementGeneral and paste your Google Analytics tracking ID.

More information about Google Analytics and Google Analytics v4 could be found in this article.

IP Anonymization – in order to improve the compliance with GDPR you can take advantage of the IP anonymization function. You can find more info about this here.

Schema Org Markup

Schema markup allows search engines to understand better your website and display better search results.

Blocksy has built in the Schema markup and takes care of the SEO fundamentals of your website. These are the Schemas Blocksy is adding to your website:

  1. Blog – on your blog index page (more info).
  2. WebPage – on your single pages (more info).
  3. Person – on author archive pages, posts and pages meta, blog cards meta, author box (more info).
  4. WPHeader – to the site header (more info).
  5. WPFooter – to the site footer (more info).
  6. WPSideBar – to the site sidebar (more info).
  7. SiteNavigationElement – to the primary navigation menu (more info).
  8. SearchResultsPage – on the search results page (more info).
  9. Organization – to the title and logo (more info).
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