Custom Code Snippets

Enabling the Custom Code Snippets

Enabling the Custom Code Snippets Extension is simple. Go to the Blocksy Dashboard -> Extensions -> Pro Extensions -> Custom Code Snippets.

This extension allows you to add JavaScript or CSS code snippets to your website. You can add them globally, so they affect all the areas of your website, or on a per page/post basis, so they affect just that special section of your website.

Global Snippets

To add a Global Code Snippet, simply navigate to the Customiser -> Extension -> Custom Code Snippets section. Everything you add here is executed throughout the whole website. It’s useful in case you wish to add things such as Google Tag Manager.

Global Code Snippets

Per Page/Post Snippets

You can also add snippets just on that special part of your website, like a page or a post. For example, you could add Facebook Pixel Tracking on the “Thank You” page at the end of a transaction.

Simply edit the page or post with Gutenberg, click on the Blocksy settings in the top right corner of the screen and choose Custom Code Snippets.

Per Page/Post Code Snippets

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