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Custom Code Snippets

The Custom Code Snippets allows you to insert various JavaScript or CSS code snippets on your pages, without going through doing any extra setup. In short, this extension allows you to:

  1. Insert some code snippets globally, on every page from your site
  2. Insert code snippet on individual posts/pages

To use this feature, go to WordPress Dashboard → Blocksy → Extensions and activate the Custom Code Snippets extension.

With that out of the way, next we’ll show how you can add a code snippet either globally or on an individual post/page.

Add a code snippet globally

Go to Appearance → Customizer → Visitor Engagement → Custom Code Snippets. From there you’ll be able to add code snippets in 3 locations of your page:

  1. In Header
  2. After the body tag open
  3. In Footer

Add a code snippet on an individual post/page

Similar to how you can edit the page title for individual posts or pages, you can also add custom code snippets. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to edit page for the post/page which needs the code snippet
  2. Click on the Blocksy settings icon
  3. Click on the Custom Code Snippets panel
  4. Set your code snippets in the same 3 locations as in the global strategy

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