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Multiple Sidebars

By default, Blocksy offers only two sidebars that are available for you to use throughout your site: Main Sidebar and the WooCommerce Sidebar.

While the Main Sidebar is displayed on all pages of your site, WooCommerce Sidebar replaces the main one on the WooCommerce related pages. This way you can implement different sidebars for your shop and there rest of your site.

While that already gives a lot of opportunity for customisation, the Multiple Sidebars extension comes with one more layer of customisation you can apply to your sidebars: conditions.

To use this feature, go to WordPress Dashboard → Blocksy → Extensions and activate the White Multiple Sidebars extension.

After doing that and clicking on the Create New Sidebar button, it will take you to the enhanced Widgets screen where you can manage you dynamic sidebars and apply conditions to them. There are 3 actions that you can perform there, besides the regular widgets dropping into the widget areas:

  1. Create a dynamic sidebar
  2. Remove a dynamic sidebar
  3. Assign conditions to the dynamic sidebar.

By assigning some conditions to your dynamic sidebar you will replace the default Main Sidebar with the dynamic sidebar, for that particular page. It’s pretty powerful since it allows you to place a whole different set of widgets only in that context.

The next video will show a preview of the three above actions.

As soon as the dynamic sidebar is removed, the page where its conditions previously matched will display the Default Sidebar again.

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