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Advanced Menu

The Advanced Menus extension lets you create beautiful, interactive menus for your website. It will let you add elements such as Content Blocks, Headings, Icons and more to your menus.

Activating the Advanced Menus extension is simple. Just pop your head over into the WordPress Dashboard, select Blocksy, then Extensions -> Pro Extensions -> Advanced Menus.

Activating the Advanced Menus extension
Advanced Menu extension in action

Exploring the Advanced Menu settings

Top Menu Item Settings

Top Menu Item Settings

To make this extension work, the first thing you’ll need to do is turn on “Mega Menu Settings” option inside the “Menu Item Settings” pane for the parent element of your menu structure.

You’ll find options that let you choose the desired width of the menu dropdown.

Column options are also present, letting you pick the desired layout as well.

Item Label Settings

Here, you’ll find options that let you disable the label from the front end menu, good in case you want to have a minimalistic icons-only approach.

You can also disable the click action for that specific menu entry, as well as choosing its representative icon.

Finally, you can display a small badge, signalling your visitors to something important.

Child Element Settings

Secondary Item Options

The first child items of your parent element will let you control the columns you’ve set earlier.

Custom Content

This option will let you choose what type of content you wish to be displayed in place of this menu item. Default displays the menu item as is. Custom Text lets you easily replace the menu item with a text box, where you can write anything you want. But freedom comes with Content Blocks, which will let you display any piece of content you might think of.

Item Label comes super handy in case you wish to categorise your menu columns by adding a Heading entry at the top.

Design Choices

Design Choices

You get your already accustomed to design choices for your menus.

You can change the background colour of the dropdown, customise the links and headings colours, as well as the basic text controls.

You can also change up the look of the item and column dividers here.

And finally, customise the look of your icons.

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